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Into Regenerative Agriculture

Into Regenerative Agriculture


Hand built frame and photography by Tom Goodall  1% of proceeds fundraise to The Ecology Center to support and raise awareness for Regenerative Agriculture. 

  • product description

    Tom Goodall custom cuts and constructs his frames from walnut wood. He uses cotton canvas matting to boarder his art. On the contrary to most art sold online, he uses Museum Glass which makes it resilient to glares and damaging light so art inside will not fade and will last generations. The hardware is built in, ready to hang. His work donates 1% to supporting and advocating Regenerative Agriculture,  a farming system that rebuilds soil quality, and as a result, air, water, ecosystems, food, animal welfare and human health are all significantly and positively affected. 

  • shipping Info

    Free shipping. Arrives in 2 - 5 business days. Ships out within 1 - 2 days.

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